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在國內外旅行,常常會看到很多特別的物品;或是在平常生活周遭中,覺得有質感、能提升生活品質與樂趣的創意,希望能將好東西/服務收集在自己的網路商店裡,分享給大家體驗 → 「芃伶’s樂生活 (Pengling’s good life online shop)」商店

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Pengling (pénglíng) is my name. 芃 (péng) is a very special character for me since many Taiwanese don’t know how to pronounce it. Because of the word, I have had lots of funny stories in my life.  I am a Taiwanese and live in Taipei now. I got my Bachelor degree in Arts in Taiwan and Master degree in Business, Marketing in San Francisco.

Since I was 22 years old (Oh, my god! It was a long time ago….), I have often had chances to travel abroad or met people from different countries. My footprints have been to Munich, Heidelberg, Düsseldorf, Salzbur, Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Nederland, Paris, Zürich, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Japan, Bali, Phuket Island, Bangkok, and Angkor Wat.

The experience makes me like to learn more people from diversity cultures as well as share Chinese culture from my perspective. Because of the motivation, I accomplished the programs in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in NTNU and NTU. Now, I would like to have more opportunities as being a Mandarin teacher/tutor. Contact me by clicking the link “CONTACT”  if you are interested in learning Mandarin or want to know more about the culture of Taiwanese workplace.

You also can text me via my Facebook fan page messenger: FB Pengling’s good life

What’s Pengling’s good life online shop? 

Pengling’s good life online shop is a place about my collection and creative works. Click here → Pengling’s good life online shop to take a look. If you like my site, please support my products so that I can keep sharing more good things for everyone.






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