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周杰倫(Jay Chou)/方文山(Vincent Fang)  — 我落淚。情緒零碎(Tears of Scattered Emotion)

周杰倫(Jay Chou)/方文山(Vincent Fang)  — 我落淚。情緒零碎(Tears of Scattered Emotion)

Jay Chou has been the most influential singer and songwriter in the field of Chinese fashion music for almost past two decades. I especially like his sad love songs. Not only the melodies are so touched to my heart but also the lyrics, which are written by Vincent Fang, give so much imaginations to listeners because Vincent’s lyrics are possessed of many gorgeous and classical Chinese words, I think. When these words are combined together, the song becomes a beautiful Chinese literature and easy to appreciate accompanied with Jay’s melody.



周杰倫 — 我落淚。情緒零碎¹

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Broken-wings butterflies are on the ground


After the fog dispelled, the full moon appears


It come to be known that the love and broken heart could be so detailed


Listen to the night wind passes around some streets


Autumn makes leaves fall all over the ground


Then, another whole night again

感性的句子 都枯萎 凋謝

Emotional sentences are all withered, faded



I don’t want to write anymore


I tear this page casually

原來詩跟離別 可以沒有結尾(沒有結尾)

It come to be known the poem and separation could have no ending

憔悴後悔等等 這些

Wan and sallow, regret and so on ….


Then, I fold the poem up

郵寄出感覺  夾一束白玫瑰

I mail out my feeling with a white rose


But you return my love



我不落淚 忍住感覺

I don’t cry, I endure my emotion

分手在起風 這個季節

Our break-up happens in this season when the wind is rising

哭久了會累 也只是別人的以為

Crying for a long time will be tired which is merely a guess of other people

冷的咖啡  我清醒著 一再續杯

A cold coffee, I’m conscious and ask for refilling it over and over


我落淚 情緒零碎

Tears of scattered emotion

你的世界 一幕幕紛飛

Your world flies disorderly piece by piece

門外的薔薇 帶刺傷人的很直接⁷

Roses with thorns outside the door hurt me so directly


Our past is read across


The ending is full of wind and snow



1. 情緒零碎 (qíngxù  língsuì)

情緒,here represents emotions. 零碎 is fragmentary. This song is about a man’s lover has broken up with him. He cries. His emotion is fragmentary and scattering, which signifies how sad he is.

2. 之後 (zhīhòu)

The meaning is “After”, same as 以後。之後 is more classical and formal.

3. 原來 (yuánlái)

The man didn’t know before and now finally realizes something. Here something refers to being broken up is so painful and hard to forget.

4. 瘦了 (shòule)

Normally, the subject of 瘦 is life beings . But here the subject is 秋天. Vincent uses 瘦 as a verb for the subject “秋天” and the object “落葉” in order to signify the male leading role becomes thin due to the break-up.

了, here, represents the perfective aspect, which meas leaves have been fallen.

5. 隨手(suíshǒu)

The meaning is similar to 隨便, but 隨手 is more classical and often used in the situation when hands are tearing paper. The sentence means the man doesn’t want to miss his lover. He causally tears the page which might be written about their relationship to signify he doesn’t want to care.

6. 我把(bǎ)詩折疊 (wǒ bǎ shī zhédié)

The 把 construction is pretty much often used in Mandarin. Most 把 construction indicates how the subject deals with/influences on the direct object. The structure is “subject + 把 + direct object (N.) + verb”. So in this song is :

“我 (subject) + 把 + 詩 (direct object) + 摺疊 (verb)” means “I fold the poem up.”

7. 很直接 (hěn zhíjiē)

直接 means “directly”. Usually, we put 很 before 直接 to emphasize the degree. The situation here signifies the man was hurt by his lover very ruthless.



1. What does the man in the song write and mail it out?

2.  Do you like this song? How do you feel?

Kindly share your thoughts in Chinese to me via the link Contact, I would be happy to tutor in.


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